Dennis Hart, Principal

Mr. Hart's Message


Another year is in the books for the Bullets of Jamesville Middle School.  It seems like only yesterday that we were starting up and seeing all of the new faces come in our doors.

This has been a really good year for us here at JMS.  We have been blessed to have such a strong and caring staff and a group of good kids.  Our students have had many goals set for them this year and, by in large, most met those goals with a high degree of success.  Our teachers were faced with numerous challenges this year with the implementation of the new Common Core and Essential Standards curriculum and, in their normal excellent and determined way, met those challenges head on with a high degree of success.  People who do not know JMS have no idea of the quality of  teaching professionals we have on staff here.  They are skilled, student centered and talented.  We are blessed to have them here.

The Bullets continue to demonstrate excellence in their endeavors.  Starting off the year by being named an Honor School of Excellence for the 2nd consecutive year was tremendous.  When a school has over 90% of their students being proficient on the End of Grade Exams means that something right must be going on in the school.  The highlight of the year was being notified and receiving the US Department of Education National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award.  This award has been given to only about 1% of the schools in the United States.  It has to be noted that that percentage includes not only public schools, but private schools and charter schools as well.  This award solidified the dreams and efforts of the staff here at Jamesville Middle.  We were excited, honored and humbled to receive this recognition.

As the year ends, we bid a fond farewell to our 8th graders who are moving on to the high school.  Please know you will be missed.  Also know that you have been prepared for your high school career.  Use the lessons and knowledge you gained as a Bullet in your high school classes and you will continue the tradition of excellence.  Stop by sometime and let us know how you are doing.

We look forward to getting a new group of 6th graders this fall.  We are excited that you will be joining us here at the home of the Bullets.  Your choice to attend our school is appreciated. You should also know that you are coming to not only one of the best schools in Martin County, but also one of the best schools in North Carolina and the United States.  We can back that claim with the honors and awards we have received in our short three years of existence. 

I hope each of you has a tremendous summer that is filled with fun and relaxation.  Take care and we will see you next August here at JMS where we strive daily to provide EXCELLENCE EVERYDAY FOR EVERY STUDENT!

Dennis Hart - Principal

Tay and Wes on the Ship

     My pride and joys, Taylor and Wesley!