Serena Paschal, Principal

On behalf of the staff, I welcome each of you to E. J. Hayes School.  As your principal I look forward to the upcoming school year and encourage you to be an active participant in our school and your child's education.  I believe that all students must be challenged to reach their full potential. Also, students need to learn to accept responsibility for their actions.  If we furnish opportunities for students to reach their full potential and learn responsibility, we have provided the means for students to be successful in life.  Our priority is to provide your child with beneficial learning experiences that challenge your child.  Our teachers are well qualified and above all relate personally to each child and his/her needs.  We know all children can learn and we will work diligently to provide an optimal learning environment and atmosphere for such learning.

I welcome your visits, assistance, cooperation, questions, comments and participation.  Don't hesitate to contact me anytime!
Best wishes for a successful school year
Serena Paschal