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Knights Athletics - A New Tradition of Excellence

ATHLETIC GOALS: ‘’Student First, Athlete Second’’

The goal for the Riverside athletic department is to provide opportunities for student-athletes to excel in teamwork, sportsmanship, self-discipline, acceptable personal and social behavior, and character. Members of teams and organizations must always serve as exemplars of high moral character and must demonstrate appropriate academic commitment, which is expected of all students.


Welcome to the athletic program at Riverside! You are about to join a program that is starting “A NEW TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE’’.  We want the Riverside athletic department to be known for excellence in athletics and in the classroom. We hope your involvement in this program will provide you with many rewarding and worthwhile experiences and that perhaps you too can make a contribution that will enhance the reputation of Riverside and its athletic program.



To provide meaningful activities that develops (Values of Life) sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, commitment, responsibility, respect and pride in our school through participation on a team.

In athletics at Riverside is “a privilege, not a right”. The athletic program at Riverside High School is designed to produce well-rounded Citizens who can take their place in a community and in a democratic society.  The program is intended to develop leadership skills, a sense of responsibility and accountability, and sportsmanship attitudes of the student population.

One of the main goals of the athletic department is to teach the concept of sportsmanship (Knight’s Honor) Good sportsmanship requires that everyone be treated with respect.  This includes opposing teams, teammates, officials, coaches, administrators and spectators. Winning is exciting, but winning at all cost is not our goal.




     FOOTBALL                                                    BASEBALL                                                    SOFTBALL                                                          GOLF

            Asim McGill, Head Varsity                                  Hank Tice, Head Varsity                                  Richie Ange, Head Varsity                                       Freddy Jackson

            Hughes Barber                                                 Brian Swift                                                      Damon Hayes

            Kermit Brown                                                   Bobby Williams, Head JV

            Dale Locke                                              

            Damon Hayes                                         



    WOMEN’S TENNIS                                    CROSS COUNTRY                                          VOLLEYBALL                                                     CHEERLEADING

            Matt Matthews, Head Coach                         Myra Register, Head Coach                               Herbie Rogers, Head Coach                                  Adrienne Modlin, Head Coach

            Jason Tate                                                   Durwood Leggett                                              Carrie Jones, JV Coach                                         Phyllis Parker

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Jessica Lineberger



     MEN’S TENNIS                                        MEN’S SOCCER                                             WOMEN’S TRACK                                                MEN'S TRACK

            Matt Matthews, Head Coach                       Henry Williams, Head Coach                              Myra Register, Head Coach                                     TBA

             Jason Tate                                                Kemper Smith                                                   Durwood Leggett



    MEN’S BASKETBALL                              WOMEN’S BASKETBALL

             Bobby Williams, Head Varsity                    Hughes Barber, Head Coach

             Braxton Peterson, Head JV                       John Deveaux, JV Coach


    Athletic Director: Herbie Rogers

    First Responder: Chris Matthews




            The KNIGHTS Booster Club is an organization which helps to provide ALL athletes of Riverside High School with the best equipment and supplies available.  The Booster Club is made up of people from all over the community- from parents and grandparents to business-persons and retired people who don’t even have children in our schools.

         Membership in the Booster Club is available all year long, although our main membership drive is in the fall of the year.  Individual memberships are $20.00.  These dues, along with fundraisers held during the year, help to provide for our athletes what might otherwise go lacking.  The Booster Club sponsors the Athletic Awards Receptions in December for fall athletic teams and in May for winter and spring sports.



RHS Athletics offers an ALL-SPORTS Pass for $100.00.  This pass will admit ONE person to regular season home events.  If you are interested, please see Herbie Rogers.



1.  All teams and coaches will observe the regulations of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA), the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), and the Martin County Schools System.

2.  Eligibility for participation consists of the following:

        a. Resides with a parent or LEGAL CUSTODIAN within the school district. (There are special conditions covering non-residents, not living with parents, etc.)

        b. Must have been in attendance 85% of the previous semester, meaning you cannot miss more than 13.5 days, excused or unexcused. This also means 85% in 3 out of 4 classes.              

         c. Must be regularly enrolled, full-time in the current semester; must be taking at least three (3) classes to play.  The NCHSAA does not recognize “work-release” as a credit for eligibility.  An “internship” class must track daily attendance and must be graded with a letter (ABCDE) grade, not Pass / Fail.

        d. Must have passed at least three (3) courses during the previous semester.  First semester Freshmen are automatically eligible upon entering the high school, but must be passing 3 of the 4 courses at the end of the first semester to remain eligible.

        e. A student, upon entering the 9th grade, is eligible for the next eight (8) CONSECUTIVE semesters.

        f. Must have a current physical on the file (once every 365 days).  Physicals are provided at no charge to students during the spring of        each school year.  Students who do not follow the established procedures for the “free” physicals will be responsible for paying for the physical examination.

        g. Cannot be 19 on or before October 16 of the current school year and must have a birth certificate on file in the principal or counselor’s office.

    h. If expelled from school, a student is not eligible for participation in the semester he / she returns to school.  There will be  NO grades available from the previous semester.

3.  There are rules governing participation on non-school related teams.  It is allowed, but restricted. When it comes to a choice between a school athletic event or practice and a non-school team, event or practice, an athlete is expected to attend Riverside athletic practices or games. Responsibility to Riverside should come first. 

4.  There are rules for participating on All-Star, Bowl, and Benefit game with strict penalties if those rules are not “followed to the letter.”  Seek advice from your coach BEFORE participating on a non-school related team.

5.  School Insurance (a basic policy) is provided for each student-athlete which covers practices, games, and travel to and from games.  This is a reimbursement policy in which you submit the claim AFTER your personal insurance has paid.  It DOES NOT cover an accident during the school day.  A separate school insurance policy may be purchased for a nominal fee.  Students will receive / received this information in homeroom during the first 10 days of school.  This policy may be purchased throughout the year, but the price remains the same.  It is NOT pro-rated (not cheaper later in the year).



 A lot of high school student-athletes have the athletic ability to make it to the next level of play.  Unfortunately, many of these will not have the opportunity because they fail to put forth the effort in the classroom.

 In order to become a NCAA Division I qualifier, you must complete the following 16 core courses.

      English                                    4 credits

      Mathematics                             3 credits (Algebra I or higher)

      Natural or Physical Sciences         2 credits (including at least one laboratory class)

      Social Science                           2 credits


      Additional Courses in English,      1 credit

      Math or Physical Science      

      Additional academic courses        4 credits


      In ANY of the above areas OR Foreign Language, Philosophy,

      Computer Science or non-Doctrinal Religion courses


The NCAA uses a sliding scale for first-time collegiate enrollment.  Student-athletes meeting any of the combinations of core-course GPA and SAT/ACT on this scale will be eligible to compete and receive athletically-related financial aid as a freshman.

This scale can be found on the NCAA’s website, found at:   

If you are seriously considering play at the next level, you should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse to find out what your intended school’s requirements.  This website address is:

Preparing to play college sports starts in your high school freshman year. If this is your goal, start “strong” in the books.  Make use of after-school tutoring if you need to.  Coaches will talk to you about tutoring and practice requirements.


As your student-athlete becomes involved in the athletic program at Riverside they will experience some of the most rewarding times of their lives. Possibly the most important ingredient to achieve this outcome is to insure that lines of communication are developed to allow for free and easy resolution of questions before they become a conflict. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way you or your child wishes. At this time a short discussion with the coach is encouraged.


Communication you should expect from the coach:

·           Philosophy

·           Expectations the coach has for your child and teammates

·           Location and times of all practices and contest

·           Team Requirements, i.e., practices, special equipment, off-season conditioning, etc…

·             Emergency procedures in case of injury

·            Code of conduct and /or discipline plan

·            Changes in schedules due to weather etc..


Communication coaches expect from parents:

·         Notification of any conflicts well in advance.

·         Specific concerns with regard to a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations


Appropriate concerns to discuss with the coach

·         The treatment of your child, mentally and/or physically

·         Ways the parent can help the student athlete improve

·         Concerns about your child’s behavior or performance


It is very hard to except your child not playing as much as you or they may like. Coaches make decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all student athletes. As you can have seen from the list above, certain things can and should be discussed with your child’s coach. Other things, such as those listed below, must be left to the discretion of the coach.



·         Playing Time

·         Team Strategy

·         Play Calling

·         Other Student-athletes



      Athletes at Riverside are encouraged to participate in as many sports as he/she can. Student athletes may participate in more than one sport during a season with the approval of the coaches and the athletic director. Tryouts for athletic teams will last three days. The coach will have a written evaluation on each athlete that tries out. If you have questions about why you did not make a team please see the head coach. If an athlete quits a sport they will be withheld for participating until that season is over (including play-offs). Athletes may be allowed to transfer from one sport to another with the mutual consent of both coaches and the athletic director.



    Student athletes who will be participating in athletic events that will require them to be absent from one or more classes must have a 70 average in the classes they will miss. Coaches will send out forms to the teacher whose class an athlete will miss on Monday. The teacher should return them by Tuesday. These grades will cover a time period of a week. If an athlete doesn’t have a 70 average the coach will inform them on Tuesday that they are not allowed to travel with the team when they leave school early. The athlete is not eligible to participate in the athletic event that day.



      Hazing WILL NOT be tolerated by the coaching staff.  If you, as an athlete, feel that you are a victim of hazing, it is your responsibility to report it to a coach so that it can be dealt with. Parents, if you suspect that your child is a victim of hazing, please contact either the head coach of the sport, or Herbie Rogers, Athletic Director.




                Athletes in ISS are not allowed to participate in athletics until the suspension is over. They may play or practice the day the suspension is over. If a team leaves school before the athlete gets out of ISS, they are not allowed to participate with the team that day.


                 Athletes in OSS are not allowed to participate in athletics until the suspension is over. The athlete becomes eligible to participate in athletics the day he comes back to school.


 Students will be provided with transportation to and from all athletic contests.  We prefer that students plan to travel with the team going to and returning from these events.  If a parent wants their child to ride home with them after a game, they have to fill out a travel release form and turn it in to the coach before they leave the game. Violation of this rule will result in a 5 (school) day suspension from the team.  **An individual coach’s discipline will be additional to this suspension.


Riverside High School Athletic Participation Forms


            At the beginning of each sports season anyone wishing to play a sport must fill out these forms.  Forms are updated yearly to comply with the changing health laws.  These forms must be completed and signed before an athlete can play a sport. 


1 – Permission-To-Treat (PTT)

This section will be used to seek treatment ONLY if a parent or legal guardian cannot be reached for permission.  


2 – North Carolina High School Athletic Association Pledges

This form is for both athletes and parents.  In signing this pledge, you promise to set a good example for others to follow.  Please be respectful supporters / participants of Riverside Athletics. Both parents’ musts sign this form.  If your home is a single-parent home, please designate.


3- Martin County Drug Testing Policy

Each student should have this form signed and turned in to the principal’s office.


4 – Physical/Medical History Form

This form is required by the NCHSAA. It gives any relevant information about the student-athlete, such as a history of broken bones, asthma, etc. and is kept in a confidential file.


If you should happen to get an injury during practice, make sure that your coach and /or Mr. Matthews (RHS first Responder) knows about it before you leave that day.  YOU MUST GET CLEARENCE FROM A DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF HEAD INJURY BEFORE YOU CAN RETURN TO PRACTICE OR PLAY IN A GAME.

If you get home and realize you have an injury, please contact your coach BEFORE you decide to seek medical attention.  Because of insurance paperwork and new health information laws, he will need to be aware of ANY injury, especially one that requires a visit to your doctor or the Emergency Room.

If you miss practice for 5 straight days, you have to have a doctor’s note to return to practice.



NC SCHOLAR ATHLETE:  (Individual Award) This award is open to VARSITY athletes only; must maintain a weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.500 during the semester their sport is played.

NC SCHOLAR ATHLETE: (Team Award) This award is given to all members of a VARSITY team whose cumulative UNWEIGHTED average is 3.100 during the semester in which their sport is played.

FIRST SEMESTER (Fall & Winter Sports) - Football, Volleyball, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Cheerleading, Women Golf

SECOND SEMESTER (Spring Sports) – Baseball, Softball, Men’s Track, Women’s Track, Men’s Golf, Men’s Tennis

ACADEMIC ALL-CONFERENCE:  This award is given to any varsity athlete who has a 90 average. For fall athletes it is the 1st grading period, for winter athletes it is the 4th grading period and for spring athletes, it is the 5th grading period .          

INDIVIDUAL SPORTS AWARDS:  awards are determined by the coaching staff of each team; some coaches allow team input, others make the choices themselves

ALL CONFERENCE:  (in a particular sport)   voted on by all of the coaches      of that particular sport in the Northeastern Coastal Conference

MALE & FEMALE ATHLETE OF THE YEAR:   mathematically determined by the number of awards achieved by an individual athlete during the school year.  The point system is as follows:

Participation:  1 point             

All – Conference Selection:  1 point

Individual Award:  1 point                

Advance to Play-offs:  1 point

In the event of a tie, an athlete who is awarded Conference Player of the Year will be awarded an additional point.  If none of the “tied” players have received this award, the tie will not be broken.

Athletes must be in good standing with the school and with the discipline policy to be considered for this award.

The Knight’s Code to Athletics

To Stay Involved:

BE COMMITTED TO YOU ACADEMICS-Know your goals…make a plan…get a diploma. Be on time. Sit up front. Take good notes. Do all the extra work possible. Plan ahead and talk to teachers when you are having problems. Get extra help when you need it.

BE COMMITTED TO CLASS-Treat Teachers, trainers, support staff, and all you meet with respect. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Moody people are rude. Remember to smile, to say please, thank you, yes sir, yes ma’am and give people the benefit of the doubt.

BE COMMITEED TO DO THE RIGHT THING-We have plenty of team and school rules…know them. Realize if you just try to do the right thing you will be OK. Try to do the next thing right and you are as close to perfect as any person can be.

BE COMMITTED TO THE PROGRAM-We realize that our players are in a fish bowl at RHS. Every word and action will be watched. We must be committed in building traditions in our program starting today and respect those that have gone before us and paid the price.


BE COMMITTED TO HARD WORK-Our program is built on the concept that hard work pays off. We believe that we work harder than anyone else…and because of that we always deserve to win. There is a reason we are going to become the best…we work at it.

BE COMMITTED TO BECOMING A SMARTER PLAYER- Our players must be ready to lean. We believe that we work smarter than anyone else… We must develop players who understand the game. Our players must be good listeners and lean by watching. We must make good decisions; we must play with poise. We prepare mentally for practice and games

BE COMMITTED TO OUR TEAM ATTITUDE-We must have players who believe in our team concept. Our program is built on the concept that the team/program is bigger that one player…We need unselfish players.


COMMIT YOURSELF TO A WINNING ATTITUDE-Our players must be committed to winning but understand we don’t measure our success by winning alone. Each time we play we evaluate ourselves on reaching our potential. The test for our team is to play against the game and not just our opponent. We never quit. We are always looking for a way to win.


BELIEVE IN OUR SYSTEM-Commit yourself to our philosophy, to our system of play. Be a sponge and soak up the concepts of how we play. Learn your role…then accept your role and do it the best you can.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF-Play with confidence…think positive…realize that you are a great player in a great program. Don’t get down when you play poorly…realize you were chose to be here…be a leader. Lead by example.

BELIEVE IN YOUR TEAMNATES-Communicate with each other…help each other. Remember the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. Encourage each other and support each other. Don’t ever forget the importance of the shell around the team. Be a friend. We understand that we are all different – be tolerant of teammates and others.

BELIEVE IN YOUR COACHES-Understand that your coaches are trying to help make you better people and players. Ask questions…don’t whine and complain. Lean to take tough coaching, you must believe that the coaches are doing what they think is right for the team and you.